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Nail Queen Studio’s journey began with a solo artist and her passion and creativity for nails and all things beauty. The beginning of this artist’s journey dates back to 2013 where, while residing in Europe at the time, she first entered the nail industry and discovered the art of sculpting gel nail extensions. After two full years of servicing hundreds of clients in her small, European village, the artist moved back to Canada where she brought her skills and experience with her, becoming one of the first nail technicians to introduce sculpted gel nail extensions to the Greater Toronto Area. In 2015, the name "Nail Queen” was officially born.


After years of servicing hundreds of clients from all parts of Ontario and constantly improving her work while gaining recognition for it, Nail Queen decided to take things to the next level. Initially self taught, Nail Queen was familiar with the struggles of becoming a successful nail technician in Canada and was aware of the severe lack of proper education and knowledge on the matter. Equipping herself with numerous “Advanced Gel Extension” certificates, in 2018 Nail Queen created her own curriculum for individuals seeking to learn how to become successful nail technicians specializing in Sculpted Gel Nail Extensions. “Intro to Gel Sculpting”, “Level 2” and an online “Watch & Learn” course were all created by Nail Queen, setting up students for success. “Nail Queen Studio Inc.” was officially created during this time. To date, Nail Queen has certified well over 100 students. 


After many successful years in the industry, all the while being completely booked back to back as a Nail Technician and now highly sought after as an Educator, Nail Queen realized that something else was missing: high quality, attainable, Canadian-based Gel Products. Ambitiously, she embarked on a very lengthy journey in sourcing the perfect products to introduce to the Canadian market. After years of searching, testing and designing, NQS officially launched its gel line. What started out as only a handful of products soon expanded to hundreds of exclusive, high-quality items. Nail Queen Studio’s gel nail products boast superior quality, are European formulated, and are meticulously created - by a passionate nail technician for all nail technicians

Today, Nail Queen Studio has developed into a one stop shop for niche product supply, quality service and incomparable education and training for an industry Nail Queen has aimed to shape and improve by raising the standards.