I have been painting, shaping, designing, and experimenting with nails most of my life. By high school I had already developed an artistic and steady hand, perfecting numerous designs including the then-popular "French Manicure", and my then-famous perfect square shape. 


Though my natural nails have always been long and strong, nail polish on its own - as we all know - just doesn't last long. After enough disappointing 'fake nail' experiences at salons, I was determined to find a solution to longer lasting nails that didn't feel unnatural, thick, uncomfortable, and poorly shaped.  


I first experienced Sculpted Gel Extensions  in Europe when I got my nails done for my wedding. I loved them so much that I vowed to buy myself a UV lamp one day and do my own nails for a lasting design. One day my husband decided to surprise me with not only a UV lamp, but with a UV Sculpting Gel starter kit! He saw a future for Nail Queen before I saw it myself.


I began my nail journey in my bedroom in my tiny European village. I used the edge of my bed for seating clients because I could barely afford a chair. Beginning with friends and family, I saw eventually improvement with each set. It was not easy by any means but it felt very natural given my nail-obsessed history (not to mention my ambitious demeanour). After moving back home to Canada, I started my Instagram account, @_nail.queen_ and the business had officially started!


I am solely a self-taught Nail Tech who gained experience and skill through trial and error, tonnes of practice and patience over the years.  I have since taken Advanced Gel Sculpting classes with some of the best European Educators which have contributed to my skill level and success. I have since went on to become a Nail Educator allowing me to share the knowledge and passion I have accumulated throughout all these years with others. I have also started up my own line of superior quality gel products under the name "Nail Queen Studio". 


 There were many times during this process where I wanted to give up or felt that this career wasn't for me, but it has now been almost 6 full years since picking up my very first - marble coloured  - Gel brush, and I won't be putting it down any time soon!

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