Growing up I always had an immense fascination with nails. I started growing them at the age of 9 and always begged my older cousins to paint them for me. By the approximate age of 11 I was already painting my own nails regularly. Being an artistic individual and having a steady hand helped me paint "inside the lines" and eventually lead to my experimentation with colors and designs. By highschool I already perfected numerous designs including the then - popular "French Manicure", and I perfected my then - infamous square shape. 

    My friends and relatives would occasionally ask me to "shape their nails" for them and this is where my love for nail shaping began. Being a perfectionist by nature, I would file little by little until I was satisfied with the outcome. 

    In terms of designs, there was nothing that I was not up for trying at least once - all the colors of the rainbow, all sorts of lines, dots, flowers (toothpick art at the time), and I was even a fan of pierced nails (which I would pierce myself and attach a tiny hoop!)

    Since I always had very strong, long, natural nails I never really found the need to get "fake nails" at a salon, but the second I did I was very disappointed. I hated the feeling, they hurt, were very thick, and the shape was far from perfect. This is what eventually lead me to where I am now. I absolutely LOVED designing my own nails, however, nail polish - as we know it - doesn't last that long! I was determined to find a solution.

    The first time I experienced UV Sculpting Gel was in Europe for my wedding. I had no idea what the nail technician was doing at the time, it seemed all so new to me, but nonetheless I was intrigued. 

    With moving to Europe back then, I came across many salons and many home-based nail technicians that all had one thing in common: they all sculpted nails out of gel! No tips, no glue?! Amazing concept! I loved the feeling of my wedding nails SO much that I vowed to acquire a UV lamp "one day" and "do my own nails" in order to have a longer lasting design.

    Life got busy and I never made acquiring a UV Lamp a priority and it wasn't until I almost completely forgot about it when my husband decided to surprise me with not only a UV Lamp, but with a UV Sculpting Gel starter kit! (How cute, I know!) Although he mainly purchased it for my own personal use, he saw potential in me starting a Nail Business one day. That thought never once crossed my mind, but with a little push from him I decided to give it a try. 

   I started out doing relatives' nails and with each set I saw improvement. It definitely was NOT easy but it did feel very natural given my long nail-obsession history. There was a point in time where I felt like giving up; I felt like this wasn't for me, but somehow I managed to push through and here I am today!

    I am solely self taught - everything that I know I have taught myself through trial and error and practice. Lots and lots of practice! It takes a lot of love and passion in order to want to learn and succeed in something, and I definitely had both.

   I created an Instagram account and when I moved back to Canada, I officially started my business! Although there are some ups and downs at times, I have loved every moment of it thus far. Thinking back to my intense love for nails as a child makes me think that this career choice was bound to happen and was meant to be!

    It has been over 4 years since I have picked up my first (marble colored) UV Gel brush as an amateur & beginner and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon! 


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