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  • What is UV Gel?
    UV/LED Gel comes in a pot containing thick, gloopy gel which is usually clear or tinted pink in color. Gel does NOT come in a "powder" form. Gel is gel.
  • What's the difference between UV Gel & Acrylic?
    UV Gel is a one-step process which involves dipping the brush into the pot and applying directly onto the prepared nail. The nail then cures and hardens under a UV or LED light. Acrylic is a two-step process involving a monomer (liquid) in which the brush is dipped in first, and then dipped into the powder (acrylic) which is then applied to the prepared nail. Acrylic hardens on its own without the need of a UV light. Unlike acrylic, gel does not have a strong odour which makes working with it much more pleasant.
  • What is the difference between UV Gel, Powder Gel & "Bio Gel"?"
    The term "UV Gel" should be used when referring to any type of nail enhancement product that comes in GEL form. Furthermore, there is NO such thing as a "powder gel". Gel is gel, it cannot be a powder. Unfortunately, many salons try to sell "powder gel" to unsuspecting clients. What you are most likely receiving in these situations is acrylic with a gel topcoat and being charged extra. "Bio Gel" is not a service. Salons usually use this term when they are referring to real gel.
  • What does Nail Queen use?
    Nail Queen uses a UV/LED Gel - specifically UV/LED Builder Gel (or Sculpting Gel) - to create nail extensions. Nail extensions are created using nail forms.
  • What are "Nail Extensions" & "Nail Forms" ?"
    Nail extensions are what Nail Queen specializes in. Nail extensions can also be referred to as "sculpting". Sculpting is done with a UV/LED Builder Gel which is a type of durable gel that allows the creation of nail extensions. A nail form (which is a sticker intended for creating nail extensions), is placed directly under the tip of the natural nail. A bead of gel is then used to apply the desired length and shape extending from the natural nail. This is referred to as the nail extension. No plastic tips or glue are used in this process. The nail is then placed under a UV or LED light, and once cured, the sticker is removed and the sculpted gel tip remains. It is then filed, shaped, buffed, and ready to be painted!
  • What is a "Gel Overlay"?"
    A Gel Overlay is when UV/LED Gel is applied to the natural length of the nail without adding any additional length. This is for individuals who would like the strength of gel, without adding any additional length to their natural anc current length. This service is usually provided only at the initial visit because every service following is a "refill".
  • Does UV Gel damage the natural nail bed?
    If done correctly by a professional and properly taken care of by client, UV Gel does not damage the natural nail bed. To prevent unecessary damage, do not pick, bite, chew or peel the gel off of your natural nails.
  • How is UV Gel removed?
    The UV Gel that is used by Nail Queen is file-off only meaning it cannot be soakded off. This means that the only way to safely and properly remove the UV Gel is to drill it off using an E-drill or file it off using a manual file. The gel cannot be soaked off and should never be picked or ripped off. Nail Queen carefully drills off the UV Gel using the E-drill, leaving a very thin layer behind. This layer will grow out over time eventually exposing your new, healthy, natural nail!
  • What are the prerequisites for the Group Training Course?
    There are no prerequisites for “Intro to UV Gel Sculpting” at Nail Queen Studio. This course is geared towards individuals with little to zero experience with UV Gel. It can also benefit individuals who have a bit of experience in the area but wish to improve their technique and/or to get certified. Anyone is welcome to sign up!
  • What does the course cover?
    “Intro to UV Gel Sculpting” covers the basics of creating UV Gel nail extensions properly, focusing on both aesthetics and quality. Some topics that are covered in the course are: Nail Anatomy, Health & Safety, Proper Nail Prep, Skill & Practice, Workstation Setup, Business & Marketing, How to Sculpt a Nail, & more. The course also teaches how to do a refill, removal, and overlay. A mandatory kit is also included. Visit our Group Training page for the complete list.
  • What is included in the kit?
    The kit contains more than enough of every tool and product necessary to get you started! It comes with an LED lamp, Nail Queen Studio's Builder Gel, Nail Queen Studio's Colour Gels, brushes, nail forms, metal implements, pump bottle, nail wipes, training manual and more. Visit our Group Training page to see the complete list.
  • Why is there no E-file included?
    This is a very common question, and the reason is that there is simply not enough time to cover all topics of the entire course, in addition to proper utilization of the E-file. The E-file requires a lot more time and practice - more than can be accomodated for in a beginner's level course. However, everything that an E-file can do, a manual file can achieve as well. Learning how to properly use a hand file is much more important - it is what delivers perfection to the sculpted nail. You must master the hand file prior to moving onto and investing in an E-file.
  • Is nail art taught in the Group Training Course?
    Nail art is not taught in the Group Training for “Intro to UV Gel Sculpting”. The course is intended for beginners who want to learn the foundation and the basics of Gel Sculpting. Most of the class time is focused on sculpting the perfect UV Gel Nail Extension, and covering other important and relevant topics surrounding Gel Sculpting.
  • Are live models provided?
    Live models are not provided - nor are necessary- for the Group Training. Students will be working on themselves, on one another, as well as on the Educator. Working on oneself is the best form of practice. Working on one another allows for exploring different nail beds, as well as giving and receiving suggestions or advice. Working on the Educator allows for a one-on-one session where the Educator can better see how the student is progressing, and can offer necessary advice and guidance. Note: Artificial nails must be removed prior to the course. If a student does not feel comfortable working on a classmate, they are not obligated to do so. However, shoulod you opt for the Private Training instead, a live model will be provided where you will complete a full sculpted set of gel nail extensions under the educator's supervision!
  • How does a student obtain certification?
    The student must successfully complete the course in order to become certified by Nail Queen Studio Inc. At the end of the second day, there is a two-part exam that includes a written & practical component. A passing grade of 70% is required for the written exam. Should a student score below 70%, they may re-write the test. The practical exam requires the student to sculpt a UV Gel nail extension on themselves, and the Educator will be looking for 3 things: proper nail prep, proper form placement, and the final product which includes the structure and overall aesthetic appearance of the nail. Should you opt for the Private Training, the written exam is still the same, however the practical exam is not necessary as you will complete a full set on the live model.
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