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"Intro to UV Gel Sculpting" delves into a booming facet in the world of nails! Gel sculpted nail technicians in North America are few and far in between, and this is your chance to join the niche that is becoming techs trained in this revolutionising craft. This intensive 2-day, hands-on group training course is geared towards those who wish to acquire a skill set with endless opportunities, or even expand horizons with nail related hobbies or personal use. This class starts with the very basics of gel sculpting to ensure that even those with little to no experience can easily follow along and excel in the class. You will be taught by the passionate and driven Nail Queen herself, who has 5 years of experience with gel sculpting nails.


The course includes an extensive kit of all beginner materials required and covers all the important topics necessary to becoming a master in the field. So what’s required to sign up? A keen eye for creativity, and a yearning to learn! 

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