This black is the epitome of dark! Its highly pigmented, thin viscous formula allows for easy and precise application resulting in great, full coverage. Its flexible formula is virtually chip-resistent providing a long lasting, beautiful colour. The possibilities are endless with "Black" Colour Gel. Its high pigment will assist in carefully carrying out the finest detail in your nail art and its tack-free finish allows for several raw glitter designs. NQS "Black" Colour Gel is a must for every Nail Technician!


All products are made in EU.

Colour Gel: "Black"

  • Apply a nice, even, thin layer over gel or acrylic nail enhancements using two (2) VERY thin coats for best results, curing for additional time between coats. Cure in an LED lamp for a minimum of 1 minute or a UV lamp for 3 minutes. Cure for an additional time between both super thin coats to ensure thorough polymerization.

    Nail Tip: For best results, apply using the Nail Queen Studio "Precision" Colour Brush!

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