This super pigmented, thin formula allows for endless possibilities. Perfect to use as a paint gel for French Manicures or any other form of nail art - thin lines are a breeze with this special gel. "Intense White" is also wonderful when used as a full, solid colour. The no tacky layer when cured means you can create raw glitter designs simply & effectively. Superb coverage, easy application, "Intense White" is a must-have for your collection!

Colour Paint Gel: "Intense White"

  • Apply a nice, even, thin layer over gel or acrylic nail enhancements using two (2) thin coats for best results, curing between coats. Cure in an LED lamp for 1 minute or a UV lamp for 3 minutes.

    Nail Tip: For best results, apply using the Nail Queen Studio "Precision" Colour Brush!

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