• Enjoy the entire Nail Queen Studio Color Gel collection at a discounted price! (21 colours)



    • Colour Gel "Black"

    • Colour Gel "Valentine"

    • Colour Gel "Fire Engine"

    • Colour Gel "Beach House"

    • Colour Gel "Periwinkle Purple"

    • Colour Gel "Tutu"

    • Colour Gel "Deep Merlot"

    • Colour Gel "Mauveberry"

    • Colour Gel "Smokey Eye"

    • Colour Gel "Blushing Taupe"

    • Colour Gel "Creme Brulee"

    • Colour Gel "Stone Age"

    • Colour Gel "Blue Periwinkle"  

    • Colour Gel "Taro Bubble Tea" 

    • Colour Gel "Barbie Girl" 

    • Colour Gel "Malina" NEW!

    • Colour Gel "It's a Girl!" NEW!

    • Colour Gel "Fuzzy Peach" NEW!

    • Colour Gel "Send Nudes" NEW!

    • Colour Gel "Striptease" NEW!

    • Colour Gel "In the Buff" NEW!

    • Colour Gel "Birthday Suit" NEW!

    • Colour Gel "Naked" NEW!


    • Colour Paint Gel "Intense White"


    • Glitter Gel "Copper Rose"

    • Glitter Gel "Gold Champagne"

    • Glitter Gel "Silver Glitz"

    • Glitter Gel "Rainbow" 

    • Glitter Gel "Liquid Gold" NEW!


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