Learn how to create nail extensions with Nail Queen Studio's online "Watch & Learn" class!


Looking for a new hobby? Passion? Creative oulet? Or do you simply wish to dip your toes in the industry without fully submerging and financially committing? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then you are in the right spot.


In this course, Nail Queen will show you how to properly create nail extensions using only builder gel and forms - no plastic tips and glue here!  You will learn:


  • how to properly prep the nail resulting in zero - lifting
  • how to properly apply a nail form on all nail types 
  • how to create a nail extension with proper structure resulting in strong extensions
  • how to properly shape a nail (two shapes will be shown - square & almond)
  • how to file and buff the nail
  • how to neatly apply colour (two different colour applications will be shown. Gel Polish application & Colour Gel application)
  • how to safely remove nail extensions
  • brief overview of nail anatomy
  • in depth explanation of how to properly use products
  • & more!


The watch & learn will take place on the video platform "VIMEO". The Channel will be posted and all registered members will be able to view the video(s). The video(s) will be available for seven full days starting on February 15th. Watch anytime from anywhere in the world during that time!


Once purchased, a download link will be provided upon checkout. In the downloaded PDF file you will receive some more information, instructions, as well as a secret discount code for all Nail Queen Studio products. Please follow all instructions carefully. 


A certificate of participation will be given to those who have participated in the watch & learn. 


NOTE: Orders will be packaged and shipped out same day/next day depending on time of purchase. Please take shipping time into consideration when purchasing items.


Shipping to Canada & US only. 

Online "WATCH & LEARN" Class


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