This builder cover gel has the perfect natural nude shade that can be used to create endless combinations. Use it as a builder gel to create beautiful peachy-nude extensions, or apply it in two thin coats as you would any colour to create an elegant, translucent set.  Perfect for French Manicures and French Ombres. It possesses a thick, self-levelling consistency and results in a beautiful and easy file. It’s unique formula has acrylic properties meaning that this gel is stronger than your average builder gel! Chip-free, worry-free gel extensions! 


Viscosity: Thick

Transparency: Low (Peach-Nude Tint)

Transfer Heat: Moderate to None

Self-Levelling: Yes

Perfect Cover: NATURAL PEACH 15 g

C$24.99 Regular Price
C$21.99Sale Price
  • Apply NQS "ROYAL BOND" as a base and cure. Proceed with Perfect Cover: NATURAL PEACH as a builder gel, curing between layers. Once complete, wipe with a lint free nail wipe + alcohol and proceed with filing. 

    If using as a colour: Apply two thin coats as you would any other colour gel, curing between coats. Finish with NQS "DIAMOND GLOSS" Topcoat for the perfect, long lasting shine. 

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