Let this brush help you gain "control"!


Rounded bristles customized to Nail Queen's preference with perfected measurements, this brush will assist in sculpting flawless, precise gel extenstion sets with full "control"! 

The flat and rounded bristles allow you to get as close to the cuticles with the the builder gel as possible -  precisely and efficiently - resulting in perfect & effortless sculpted gel extensions every time, set after set. 

The elegant white and rose gold design will serve as a stunning addition to any set of nail brushes and the superb quality is guaranteed to last.


Suitable for all gels. 

Sculpting Gel Brush "Control"

  • Cleanse bristles with alcohol prior to initial use. Keep cap on when not in use. Always cleanse with alcohol or brush cleaner between uses ensuring bristles are always in tact and flat. Keep away from direct sunlight.