The all-new, innovative, eyeshadow-like concept will change your chrome game forever. The solid formula results in zero powder fly-away (no more pesky chrome dust everywhere!) The simplified application will prevent unnecessary product waste, extending the life of your chrome(s)! A little goes a really long way. 

Solid Chrome: Champagne

  • Apply over a cured non-wipe, tack-free topcoat using applicator, soft makeup sponge, or finger. Rub in really well to reveal the beautiful mirror finish. Dust off with soft brush & apply topcoat ontop. Cure. 

  • Please handle with care. Just like an eyeshadow, it risks breaking if dropped or mishandled. When picking up product with applicator, sponge or finger, do not use pressure & do not press into the powder. Use gently. 

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100 % would recommend

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Kiethley C.


North York

3/1/2021, 5:51:30 PM

The Coverage is Amazing!

NQS chrome is amazing, the coverage is none like any other. Application is super easy as well. I highly highly recommend it!