This non-self levelling gel is every Nail Technicians best friend! Its unique formula allows you to conrol the gel where you want it to go without worrying about it seeping into the cuticles. It has a soft and airy texture which makes it pleasant and easy to work with - just use your brush to easily manipulate and equalize the gel into the desired place. It is the perfect gel for longer nail extensions since it won't self level before you complete the process. Recommended for more experienced Nail Technicians. 


Note: Not a 3 in 1 gel. Recommended pairing with Royal Bond UV/LED Base Gel.


Viscosity: Thick

Transparency: Medium (subtle pink tint)

Transfer Heat: Moderate to Very High

Self-Levelling: No but is easily equalized/controlled

UV/LED Builder Gel "ROYAL PINK" 50 g


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